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Join a growing portfolio of satisfied customers all of whom have benefitted from our expertise, experience, flexibility and ability to adapt to almost any requirement.

Industry leading customer service

One of the primary reasons businesses keep coming back to ReAgent is the quality of our customer service. We believe that forging mutually beneficial business relationships is the best basis on which to manufacture high quality and successful products.

Open-door policy

Our first class customer support is an integral part of the service we offer and it doesn’t stop once we’ve delivered your product. Our open door policy means we’re always on hand to work through problems, share solutions and discuss ideas either in person, over the phone or via the internet.

Keeping on top of legislation changes

We also take responsibility for keeping on top of any legislation changes which may affect the products we manufacture. Where necessary we’ll supply a new MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) at no additional cost or work on a functional alternative to reduce toxicity.

Robust order management

Our fully automated bespoke order and fulfillment system has been designed from the ground up to meet our needs. In the spirit of Lean, it’s constantly being updated and improved as our requirements evolve too. This system controls the flow of orders through our facility from the moment an enquiry is made to the moment it arrives at your door giving full traceability on every batch.

Streamline your supply chain

We’ll fit into your existing supply chain seamlessly no matter what your existing capacity. Whether you just need our contract packing or contract blending services or are looking for a complete solution including raw material sourcing and delivery to your customers we have the capacity to handle your needs.

ReAgent detailed order process

From initial order to delivery to your customers, ReAgent can step in at any point to integrate seamlessly with your supply chain.

Focused on customer value

We continually invest in our ever growing, multi-disciplined production, warehouse, office and dispatch teams all of whom are dedicated to realising every aspect of our customers needs from initial contact right through to delivery. Our flexibility and adaptability mean we can shape our manufacturing facility around your needs thereby reducing waste in our manufacturing processes and enabling us to pass on more value to you.  Using the principles of Lean and GMP we ensure all our processes are continually evaluated for any opportunity to improve, reduce waste, enhance value and ensure safety.

Capacity to adapt to the needs of any industry

Chemicals are everywhere and chemistry plays a fundamental part in everyone’s lives whether they know it or not. That’s why, as a specialist chemical manufacturing company, we must be prepared to adapt to the needs of any industry.

Open to customer-led audits

If your product or the needs of your particular industry require us to develop or learn new industry-specific processes and manufacturing techniques we will undertake this as a matter of course. If you choose to, you can audit our facility to ensure we meet your requirements either before or after placing an order with us.

Ongoing track record of success

We’ve been in business for over 35 years and during that time we’ve built up an extensive range of practical experience to back up our various quality standards.

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